Monday, 21 March 2016

When things go wrong, and so much more.

Well what a week! For some moments of it I have been loving the full surge of spring, with all the inspiration and energy to start putting plans into place. Oh but then put on the breaks!!!! Yep feels like winter is back this weekend and down goes the energy, and a few disasters.

So starting with disasters first....Remember this

Yep #vintagepledge2016 the 80's never looked so cool. But sadly I am not so skilled at using my overlocker and many many wrong turns (or the fact that I am unable to make turns any other direction than a straight line) meant I ended up with this no sleeve, no hems, really poor top that I will never wear! It has made me slightly afraid of my over locker and returning to my sewing machine felt so lovely and secure, I never want to let it go! 

Trying to look on the bright side, this pattern does have some lovely features and should I brave enough to try again it will be because of the nice neck line a fastening at the back.

The other disasters, include vintage cake stands. I'm really upset by this one. I have collected glasses and plates luckily all of 10p each item, ready to stack BUT  the flippin glue, special really strong suitable for glass and china glue went green. This green look just makes it look moldy and so now I have 3 useless cake stands. Not impressed!

On the plus side though I have had a few lovely days, a sneaky day out with MrPB to Totnes, such a lovely town and Fridays is market day. We had such a great time and I wore my Phoebe dress!

I got lucky in a charity shop and found these two patterns, maybe the vintage pledge can have a new offering!

Sunday bought the first day of spring and it is cold! We still went for a great walk, getting a good move on trying to catch up with Arthur on his bike.

Other lovely things include buying a chair with plans to upcycle (oneday), starting a new pair of leg warmers and watching a great film, and wow it is based on a real story, and I am in love with Matthias Schoenaerts forever (also in Far from the madding crowd) Wendy from The Butterfly Balcony I thought of you! I'm such a sucker for a love story, but the clothes had me captivated too.

Before I swoon all to much here is my chair...
Any ideas to help with up cycling? I thought maybe patchwork which I can slowly add to.

And so my lovely ones, I hope you have had a good week and that the promise of spring is true!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A wonderful weekend.

I have just had the most wonderful weekend! It was extremely busy and I am so tired now but I had the best time. As if this was not enough in its own right I went to the knitting and stitching show at Olympia. It was a shopping fest but we also got to meet some of the best sewing stars. Tilly and the Buttons had a stall helping was Lauren Guthrie, who was just lovely, petite bubbly and so happy to chat. Next we saw Frances Tobin of The Makers Ateliers, her simple items were made in such beautiful fabric and her ultimate pencil skirt in all sequins was beautiful. But the best by far was Lisa Comfort from Sew over it, she was awesome! In fact I got rather star struck and felt to embarrassed to take a photo (gosh i am so British at times!). What can I say about this lovely lovely lady, she spent time going through her patterns, she had time to talk about the blog and even thanked us for following. We couldn't help but buy three patterns between us. I have to say seeing the patterns made up, I was really impressed, I think they are now my favorite.

Of course we used the opportunity to buy many supplies as  every stall was such good value. My favorite buy is the sew over it shirt dress and the fabric to go with it. Secondly, I am feeling knitting inspired and have pattern and yarn to get going. 

As if this was not enough we spent the evening with the best view in London, and my sister Katy joined in the fun. The Portrait gallery, sadly the Vogue exhibition was fully booked and to be honest we wanted to put our feet up. It was so amazing! The service was outstanding, as was the food. The view was great and we got to watch the sun go down.

As it was also mothers day and I was away from home spoiling my own mummy I was kindly treated by my daddy who took us to a fabulous fish restaurant from breakfast in Royal Tonbridge wells (luckily just around the corner from my parents house)

It has been great, and even though I took a day off work to recover I still feel like so tired. I think driving for four hours to get home after late nights and busy day may have something to do with it. With a few good night sleeps I will be ready to start making, and I have enough to keep going for at least a year! 

Any exciting things happening over mothers day?

Friday, 4 March 2016

Knitting weekend.

For as long as I can remember I have had a longing to be a knitter, someone that can actually wear what they have crafted.  To be honest though I really don't have much in the way of confidence, or skills. Like most though I ease my knitting desires into a pinterest board, and that is where I found this beauty.

Now as you can see this is just a combination of squares, which is just as well as there is not a pattern but a little picture with measurements from a Cila. I decided to make this a guide and make a shortened version without such a long cowl neck.

I frantically managed to knit and put together in one weekend using a super chunky yarn.  I love it, its warm and cosy, so good for layering up. I enjoyed the knitting process, my desire to learn more skills  has gone up a notch. Overall a good weekends work.

My makes low down :

1. to improve on : I think the shoulders are a little wide, they are almost a mini sleeve, so you could shorten or lengthen .
2. didn't go to plan : the neck line, needs to be either longer to turn over or shorter to stand alone.

3. what do I love about it : its ease, its warm, it was fun !

4.would I make it again : oh yes!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2016


I very loosely took part in the phoebe sew along. What I actually did, I bought the pattern when it came out got very excited about joining in with others, even cut the pattern out in time, and then, well timing went a little wayward! But the long and short is I have my first finished garment of the year.

I have really enjoyed my time making this dress, it completely reminded me why I like to make clothes.

I really made an effort with matching seams and lots of ironing (in truth I have been known to be quiet slap dash) I feel proud of my new sewing efforts. I was also rather pleased with the lining of the bodice.

Although not the best pictures I think you can see that it really has a great fit, all my worries about pot bellies and grading came to nothing, I stuck to one size and it seemed to work.

One of my happiest moments have been using my beloved vintage fabric that in the past I have been to afraid to cut into. This has been apart of my vintage pledge, next to tackle vintage patterns.

This lovely pattern has given me a dressmaking boost! I am happy with my new dress and keen to finish the version 1 that I have already have cut out!

Hows your sewing plans going? Have you taken part in the vintage pledge or any other sew along?

Thursday, 18 February 2016

A Little Love

A short but sweet post on the testament of love, and a love of making. I made Mr PB a felted heart display, hand crafted with love in time that gives space for dreams and moments of gratitude for our little life. 

I also took the opportunity to practice a new skill of paper cutting. This is my first attempt at something so intricate, I love the design and I'm tempted to try it again and maybe frame it.

Valentines day gave me time to try new things and remembering that hand made presents are really something special.

Monday, 15 February 2016

2016 making list for myself

I thought I would try to plan a realistic list that would be true to what I actually need. I thought the best way to learn more about myself would be to follow the Wardrobe Architect by Colette as many others had felt it to be beneficial.What I actually found was I already know myself and the enjoyment I get from sewing is the change to break the mold be more creative, so I didn't continue with the project.

My list is fairly straight forward, although I know I will spend less and less time making things in the summer months. Also very important to me is that I love my jeans and if I can get clothing to mix and match then I would be onto a winner, therefore sewing tops will be the thing for 2016.

Hot on the list for this year will be :

 This is a lovely free pattern, long been on my wish list

Having seen so many versions of this I feel it will suit my style

 This is perfect for improving the knit sewing and great vintage

I love the Japanese sewing books and having narrowed down only one top for now.

A great little top from the Guthrie selection, I'm lucky enough to have a free pattern from a sewing magazine

Again Tillys blouse has been on the waiting list for what could be years now!

Another free pattern, I actually have this from one of the Sewing Bee books. A long list there is always a endless supply of inspiration! Of course I want to make a whole pile of summer dresses, shorts and light weight trousers but I could just bore you to tears.The is always the fact that the to do list will always change, but I think these work well for me.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Vintage Darling!

Being so inspired by the amazing outfits of vintage 2015,and having not managed to live up to my own pledge I thought that this year I would pledge with items that should actually suit me and my lifestyle. So #vintagepledge2016  here I come!!

I would like to pledge two tops, the first being a beautiful blouse that my Mum has made many times herself and now I would like a simple but stylish casual ease.

The second top is a T-shirt suitable for everyday and a good pattern to practice with my over locker

I would also like to pledge to use vintage fabrics, the being a lovely heavy cotton that I am planning for my Phoebe (obviously not vintage).

I also have this lovely pattern in my stash that I would like to tackle at some point.

I find it amazing to see how the most beautiful patterns seem so relevant and stylish today. It makes me wonder what does vintage mean to you?  
Anyone joining in?