Sunday, 25 January 2015

First crafty plans of 2015 and a pile of free yoga.

we are all well into 2015, I personally have found it a slow start this year but I have finally made a few exciting plans. Without giving to much away I thought I would show you the most loveliest piece of fabric, isn't she lovely. My plans are simple so I know I will actually finish them. So watch this space.

Secondly I wanted to share a real find. As you may remember I do love my yoga, and getting a chance to practice at home and finding a class online that you like isn't always that easy, or cheap. But look at this, 30 days of yoga, free, suitable for all levels, fun, not too long. I recommend giving it a go, you may surprise yourself!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Creativity Full Circle

With my burst back onto the blogging scene at the beginning of the month has me following up with a full dose of January blues! A  week of illness has made me think and think some more and quiet frankly I need to perk up and get on with it all.

I have come to realize that my making life seems to have come full circle. As a child I was encouraged to make, we made presents and creativity was high on my list. I moved onto making things for my home, gardening and lots of other interests. I found a love for dressmaking, and that was when I started blogging, such a community and vibrant people with such cool ideas.

As you know I haven't been so committed to dressmaking. I still love it and feel inspired by others but I rarely have time and I don't need a continuing growing wardrobe.

So here we have it full circle, I have so missed my time to be creative that I have pledged to make all greeting cards and presents for my friends and family this year. Gifts that I can enjoy making without cluttering my own home! 

What are your plans this year?

Just to prove my making days are not over here is my lovely warm cowl I made over Christmas!

Sunday, 4 January 2015


It was November 2013 since my last post. I found that just a sewing blog did not cover all my loves, hopes and dreams. I intended to make a journal for 2014, but obviously did not. 
Therefore I have returned in a new simple look, that hopefully sum up my lifestyle.

I felt this was a perfect picture to sum up the start of 2015. totally unabashed with colour and confidence, bold and beautiful. That should be my mantra for this year.

Monday, 18 November 2013

sewing kits

Sewing kits, how do you feel about them? I use to be of the mindset that they are for children, and expensive, why with only a little effort I could make my own version at a fraction of the price. But as you may of guessed I have been changing my mind, have less time to source fabrics and designing and lets face it not making the effort I have come round to the idea of a nice sewing kit.
So here are  few of my favourites

Felix the fox in my stash awaiting to be made up!

Far from a children's selection I would say. So in this little bunch of sewing kit eye candy holds my next make for the lovely sew tiny project. Diane at Marguerite designs has thought a fantastic plan to show case some of our slower sewing. You are all welcome to join in too.

oh and any thoughts on sewing kits for yourselves?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

So good.

Trust me on this: These are the BEST bars ever! You can't eat just one! Best of all, pretty much eve... -

And I have to totally agree, I made a batch up and it was all I could do to limit myself to one a day. Although healthy ingredients they are treats.

Monday, 4 November 2013


During my autumn inspiration list there was a lovely Felix the fox. Felix has a friend called Oswald the owl. These are totally adorable tea towel kits, making them into cushions or toys, perfect for a weekend make.The range are by  Sarah young are delightfully easy makes that are wonderful prints in there own right. So here is Oswald and keep an eye out for Felix.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Jersey laurel is completed

Well I have finally complete the jersey laurel, a very popular Colette pattern that has seen so many adaptations. My version has long sleeves with bias binding neck line and sleeves. I opted out of pockets and make quiet a short style tunic. I found the pattern had very generous sizing and I had to take the sides in. This would normally annoy me but I find the beauty of a Colette pattern enables you to make alterations with ease. Being jersey I didn't bother with a zip so an easy make this was. I did enjoy this make, and I am glad I have something to go towards my fall essential sew along, Make yourself cosy! How's everyone else coming along with their autumn sewing, are you like me just great full you have manages to make anything?